Acrocomia  spp. Corozo palm   Arecaceae

Lepidiocaryum tenue  Mart. Carani palm  - Arecaceae

Acrocomia is a Central American genus of fast-growing ornamental palms whose seeds have an identifying characteristic of three equidistant pores.  The prickly palms in this genus that have spines along the leaf midribs and trunks are called corozo palms.

A smooth outer husk covers a fruit with an oily pulp which is an important source of palm kernel oil used in soap. A wine is made from the fruit.  Spherical seeds about 3/4 of an inch in diameter (2 cm.) have three puncture holes around one end of the seed.

The hard shell or endocarp, which protects an edible oily seed, often accents necklaces made in Central America.