Datura stramonium  L. Jimson weed  - Solanaceae

Jimsonweed, Datura stramonium, is primarily known for its narcotic properties.  A decoction of the ground seed was used by thieves in India to stupefy their victims.2  At the time of Bacon's Rebellion in Jamestown in 1676, his men mistakenly ate the leaves of Datura for potherbs and experienced hallucinations.  Thereafter Datura was known as Jamestown weed, which was later contracted to jimsonweed.3

 Powdered leaves were an ingredient in preparations that were burned and whose vapor was inhaled for the relief of asthma in the United States.

This annual herb, native to North America, is widely naturalized throughout the world.  Its tiny seeds, 3mm in diameter (1/8 inch), are assembled into necklaces in Central and South America.