Annona spp. Custard apple ;  Guanabana  - Annonanceae

Seeds of some of the Annonas are made into necklaces, notably those of the soursop or guanabana, A muricata, the sweet sop or sugar apple, A. squamosa, and custard apple, A. reticulata.  Annona  spp. is a large genus of trees and shrubs grown mostly in tropical America.  Annona muricata, the guanabana of Costa Rica, has large fruits with a dark green spiny skin and white pulp used for "ades" and sherbets.  Its brown seeds appear in many necklaces made in that country.

The sweet sop, Annona squamosa, known as “sharifa” or “sitaphal” in India and Pakistan, is a round, knobby green fruit about four inches in diameter (11 cm.).  Sweet white pulp contains brownish-black shining seeds which show themselves off nicely in jewelry.